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The Nation’s Voice on Mental Illness

NAMI SLOCO Membership

NAMI San Luis Obispo County (NAMI SLOCO) is a dues paying, membership based, (501 C3) charitable, non-profit, education, support and advocacy organization .  Our local affiliate is an all volunteer organization, with no paid employees.  Membership in NAMI SLOCO automatically provides membership in both NAMI California and NAMI National.

How much does membership cost?

For an individual or a family, membership is $35.00 per year.  For those with extremely limited resources, an Open Door membership is available for $3.00.  Clients or Consumers membership is also $3.00.

How is my membership money spent?

A portion of membership dues is sent to both NAMI California and NAMI National.  These funds are used to educate about severe brain disorders: support increased funding for research; and advocate for adequate health insurance, housing, rehabilitation and jobs for people with serious psychiatric illnesses.

Most of the improvements in mental health care over the past 40+ years are a direct result of the advocacy leadership of NAMI.  Your membership dollars have been responsible for these improvements.

How is the money kept in San Luis Obispo County spent?

Some of these funds are used to pay for education, newsletters, educational materials, conferences meetings our website, office supplies and other similar expenses incurred by a charitable non-profit organization.  In addition, these funds support our NAMI Signature Education and Support Programs:

 How do I join NAMI SLOCO?

  1. Click on this link shown below:
  2. Fill out the application while on line
  3. Print the Application.
  4. Mail the Application along with your check to:


PO Box 3158  

San Luis Obispo, CA  93403

  1. Membership Application.